Friday, August 26, 2011

Degu Take Two

Tomorrow is Leo's birthday! yay! My baby boy is growing up! Say, as a present to him, why don't you wander over to Chrystal's blog, the one Leo came from, and check out the kitties and doggies up for adoption! I can't think of a better gift!!

Niece 2 brought over her baby Degus again today. I think Leo thought they were an early birthday present and couldn’t figure out why we wouldn’t open the lid for him. Wasabi and Habanero were completely unfazed by the drooling looks they were drawing. They even went nose to nose with the kitties at the glass.

They were here for quite a while, and even had a romp in their hamster ball and went about unmolested. They’ve gotten quite strong and can roll the ball even on carpet, they work together to get it moving and seem to really enjoy it.

I have to say, they are growing on me. They are getting kind of cute. And I’m so proud of my niece working so hard to save them. They’re really thriving now.

First Star had to have a look at what they were doing.
I will figure out how to open this thing.. That's my snack in there.

Then Leo had a long look.
They look delicious.. Why are they behind the forcefield?
I just want a lick... that's all, I promise..

Then they both had to watch the Degu TV.
Star in front: They tease me...
Leo in back: Yeah, me too.. Not fair that mommy won't open it.

In their ball together, the Degu's are irresistible. And completely not afraid. Nothing scared them, they must know they are safe.
I don't get it.. I has opposable thumbs.. why can't I open this ball?

See you tomorrow for the Birthday!

By the way, today is my nephew's birthday! Happy Birthday Sweetie!


The Monkeys said...

We'll pop by for Leo's birthday! It would be the perfect present for him if someone was adopted!

Random Felines said...

Happy Birthday a day early Leo!!! Since they won't let you near the degus, maybe you can just play with their ball..... (besides, since they are named after hot stuff, you would probably just get heart burn)