Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bug boy strikes again

Leo just can’t stand it when bugs beat themselves on the screens at night. Now that it’s cooled off somewhat, the windows are open all day until we go to bed. We were getting a lot of lightening bugs in the house, we thought from the seal around the air conditioner, but we seem to have stopped their incursion.
Now we seem to be getting these teeny little moths. Which probably means we didn’t completely close the lightening bug hole, but made it small enough that only these little things can get it. Have I ever mentioned that I hate bugs? HATE! That’s could be why I love my bug boy. He loves to track, stalk, and much anything that gets in the house!

These little moths really get Leo’s attention because of the way they flit around in a crazy manner. Sort of like the way Leo does. He will flip all over the place tracking these things. He will sit and stare at the wall for ages when they are out of reach. The other day he even tried to climb the screen door to get at some outside ones. I wish wish wish I had been faster getting the camera out when he had all four feet on the screen..

Greg had his phone camera ready when Leo went after one around a wall light.. I knew my boy was long, but when he stretched out and reached up to try for this bug I could not believe he could actually get his paws on the lamp! I mean, it’s really high on the wall! Too high for me to reach, I have one of those extension plugs with a switch on it so I can actually use the thing!

Between the light, the distance, and the fact that it’s a cell phone camera, the pictures aren’t all that great, but look at my boy!

I’m gonna get you bug!
Hey! Where’d you go! I need a leg up mom...

I have to share this, even though it’s got the same picture issues.. Last time we gave Leo a fish snacky, he loved it. Tonight he tried to bury it! With his mousie!! What a little goof ball..
We left the mouse in there, Greg says he’ll probably go back for it and lick it clean. But if it’s still there in the morning.. I’m tossing it! Bleh

I don’t know if I’ll be able to post again until Tuesday as we have a big weekend of prep and painting planned. Monday’s are Greg’s day off, which is why I don’t usually post then anyway, so have a good weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

very cute get them buggies Leo :)


Katnip Lounge said...

You know you love your Kitties when you pick them up to get a moth on the ceiling...Leo will train you to do that next, we're sure! And if there's too many, we'd love to help!