Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bora Bora Party!

Star here, I'm taking over the blog today to report on our vacation.

Gracie at the Goodness Gracie blog is hosting us kitties on a no humans allowed trip to Bora Bora! How cool is that? And how could we resist going? Even going together, yikes!

We arrived together.

Star: Do you have to do that.. Have some dignity.
Leo: It's vacation! Chill out!

But we didn't stay together. We each had our own interests.

I enjoyed the fine dining in the beautiful ocean breezes.

I appreciate the seafood.. but may I have chicken instead?

My room was fabulous, I had a wonderful view, from all directions, even down.

Swim a little closer pretty fish..
Hey! Is that.. Nooo! why won't he leave me alone! Even here!

The ocean was amazing, so clear, so calm..

I miss Leo.. He should be rowing this for me.

Leo enjoyed his vacation a little more on the wild side..

Diving is not a fitting passtime for a cat in my opinion.

Can't eat fish with this mask on..
Hey Star! Look down! Star! BOO! heeheehee

The night life drew him like a magnet.

Yo! DJ! Put on some Cat Stevens!

I guess he DID take some time to relax.. Still undignified though.

Zzzzzz hmm.. quiet Star, I don't care if my bits are showing, I'm tired..zzzzzz

And that's our vacation. All in all, I prefer my humans to.. 'him' but at least I had my own room.

Leo: Hey Star! Let's go dancing again! Whoo!

PS. Be sure to check back tomorrow! Leo had a terrific adventure that he will tell all about, in his own words! (You'll get a good laugh, trust me!)


Penny said...

Hi there,
Great Party post. I'm chilling out on the Island today as well. My name is Genghis Khat. Down the beach aways someone is serving Nip ale - Its good but quit potent so if you guys head down that way don't drink too much.

Catch you again later.


We just got here but we're having a great time too!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Fuzzy Tales said...

We're on Bora Bora today too! We see you're having a fabulous time! Great job!

Team Tabby said...

Mindy and Moe here - in this lovely spot. Don't know if the other three family members will come or not, but they are sure missing out.

Best thing about the trip so far is meeting new friends, glad to meet you Star and Leo!

Anonymous said...

So cute :)


mackyton said...

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