Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Bold and the Playful

Leo just left the building. Well, the room anyway. It seems he has pretty much lost his fear of the Cave of the Growling Creature. Except when he can see her crouching in the doorway guarding her room. He’s been in here a lot since I told about waking up with him on the bed in the Invasion part 2 story a few days ago.

This was the first time I’d seen him in here when Greg was here though. I saw someone jump up behind Greg and it took me a few minutes to realize that it wasn’t Star. She usually jumps up and makes her way over to jump on me, force me to close my laptop so she can lay on it. When I realized that it was Leo, I tried to call him to me quietly. It wouldn’t do to alert Star to his presence as I’m sure she’s on her closet box as she generally is unless she’s, as I said, on my laptop.

It took him a little bit, but he came over and laid down between me and Greg. I’m surprised that the snoring didn’t scare him off... (someone isn’t using his sleep apnea mask tonight...) He seemed like he was going to settle in for a nap down by our knees, but I made the mistake of moving my leg and he took off. Couldn’t he tell it was mine? Silly boy. Still, it bodes well for the future and him sleeping in here with us. I can only hope Star becomes more accepting of him soon.

Speaking of Star, she’s been more cuddly and more playful lately. She still grumbles a lot, but the only smack down I’ve seen recently was when they were both excited about snack time and jumped onto the Royal Footstool at the same time! Yikes!

She found the last remaining feather ball, that still had a bit of feather on it! And played with it for several minutes!

Oh hello feather ball... You look a little worse for wear.

Let me help... chomp! heh heh heh

Flippity flip, toss, chase, bap, chomp!

Leo’s been a goof, as usual. There is a drop cloth covering a table. It was covering the table and The Chair, but hey, we use The Chair every day! Apparently the drop cloth hanging over this table makes an irresistible fort. Leo has made a little tunnel doorway behind it and goes under there a lot. Then he skitters around batting at the edges and generally being.. well, a goof.

Can you see him?
oooohhh, I'm in my fort, in my fort, playin' in my fort!

Ooo edges wiggled! bap! bap! hee hee hee Love muh fort!

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