Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bed Buddy

Leo has turned into a bed time buddy! After Greg goes to work Leo, and Star goes to one of her sleeping spots, he wanders in and curls up on the bed. Sometimes he leans on my legs, but mostly he curls up on Greg’s side, either leaning on his pillows or not.

As long as I’m laying there, I can reach over and pet him and he just loves it. He will purr and give me love eyes. He’s just the sweetest thing. But the second I get up and turn on the light, he takes off like a shot!

Today I got him to come back after the light was on! He rolled around on the bed and got some good pettin’s. Star came out of the closet, her sleeping spot of the day, and saw him. He saw her and kind of went all flat ears. Star hissed, then just left.

That’s the thing about Leo. He never returns her growls. He never hisses back. He just doesn’t react to her fits. Yes, he will sometimes be the aggressor and jump on her, but silently. That’s important to remember as I tell you what ELSE happened this morning!

I have a rectangle hand mirror that I use when I’m doing my hair. A lot of times when Star is on the bed, I’ll hold it up to show her what a pretty girl she is. She always runs to the mirror and tries to find the kitty behind the glass. She looks all around, digs at it if I lay it on the bed. She’s very interested. And not hissy.

I wondered if Leo wanted to see what a handsome mancat he’s turning out to be. So I held the mirror up for him, about a foot from his face as he was laying on the bed. His eyes went wide, and he growled! Leo! Growled! Wow, was I surprised! I’d never heard that noise come from him before.

Then he jumped to his feet and stepped backward and hissed! Leo! Hissed! It was so shocking. I tried to show him that it was a reflection by waving my hand in front of it, but it didn’t matter. He was ticked at this stranger!

I wonder if he thought it was Star right in his face.. Or if he really thought it was a stranger. All I know is I put the mirror away so he would settle down. But the damage had been done. He quit the room in high dudgeon.

Greg said he didn’t recognize himself because he still thinks like a kitten but in the mirror there was a big full grown mancat. Whatever it was, I don’t know that I’ll show him the mirror again soon.

Know what’s funny though? When he’s on the counter in the bathroom, he sees himself in the big mirror and never gives it a second thought! Funny kitty..

Twisty Kitty
Come on baby, lets do the twist!

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