Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yay Day!

Leo is beyond excited! His sister, Trixie, got the package he sent her a little while back! Trixie is a Winnie’s Wish kitty too, she was adopted from Chrystal’s blog, Daily Dose of Dogs (AKA Cat’s With Your Coffee). Leo, Trixie and four more sisters were feral kittens Chrysal and her family rescued. The other four sisters are still waiting on their forever homes. Judging by how wonderful Leo and Trixie are, I just know they would make wonderful members of anyone’s family, so if you are looking for a great kitty, or know someone who is, please point them in Chrystal’s direction!

Trixie and her new kitty siblings have a wonderful blog, House of Cats, that you should also check out. Especially THIS ONE where Trixie shares what Leo sent her! See, she had a favorite pink mousie when she lived in the cat house with Chrystal. She was so attached to it that when she went to her new home with Amy and the House of Cats, Chrystal sent the mousie with her. Someone, a toy destroyer, in her new home, chewed off it’s tail, and it lost all it’s fur. Now, it could well have been Trixie as well as some mysterious toy destroyer, but Leo felt for her.

As a toy destroyer himself, Leo knew how Trixie, and probably the perpetrator, must feel so he wanted to make sure Trixie had a replacement pink mousie. He sent enough to share with her new kitty family too, if she wants to. Anyway, it was adorable, so if you don’t already read Amy’s blog, check Friday’s out anyway!

Leo had a good day today, not only does he feel all happy that his sissy got his presents, but it was a nice enough day today that the doors and window got opened and he got to sniff sniff sniff, bird, squirrel, and bunny watch!

Caught mid-jump to the window.. Well, a Leo jump, he’s not much of a jumper really, but he made it!
I like when it starts gettin’ dark, buggsies hurl themselves at the window after the light! They’re like, some of the greatest play toys!

Star likes windows too, but she has mostly contented herself to the upstairs for a while. Chicken. Leo would let her have a turn at the window. Honest!
I like to look down on the world anyway..

Leo is also enjoying his shoulder hugs. I've been on the laptop more than the computer, which is where he demands shoulder hugs, but I had some things to do that could only be done on the big computer recently, so he got some shoulder time!
I'm a scarf, a Leo scarf!


Katnip Lounge said...

Leo, you are such a thoughtful guy! We think your Mom is going to love your neck warmer act this winter.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Leo! Wow it is so funny that you aren't a big jumper because I am the same way! And I like to watch the buggies outside too - Stella and I do that sometimes (she even broke a table!) I was so excited to see the mousies you sent - I still have my pink mousie from Chrystals but it is nice to have some un-wrecked mousies too. Mom said that I might have helped to get some of the fur off (I won't tell) because well, me and Stella kind of wrecked Barney's mousie (so I made sure he knew he could share mine with me). I love the mousies so much!!