Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Some of the wall texture went up today. As I said yesterday, I was worried that Leo would get into the texture paint.. He certainly inspected it enough! The back of The Chair was just close enough that he was able to look down on the still wet parts. On this wall, only the bottom half had to be removed and redone. The darker stuff on the is the still wet texture paint. Leo couldn't wait to get a look, thankfully, he only got a little on his side and that brushed out easily enough! Goofy cat!

Ooo it looks soft and squishy, mommy!

Hard to see here, but his paw is actually on the wall! I was gonna freak out, but I realized that at least he's touching the old top part, not the new wet part. But he just had to touch it.. yeesh, teenage boys..

I'm not touching it! I'm not touching it! Oh... that paw... well...
HEY LOOK! SQUIRREL! heh.. that doesn't work on you huh?

Wait a minute.. Now what's that goofy boy doing? Watching TV? Oh, it's chocolate.... I can understand THAT facination!

No, Leo, chocolate is bad for kitties.
Chocolate? oh, I thought it was a huge kitty treat.. never mind.

Leo discovered how to get on the ladder. He got all the way to the top before I found the camera! He's either inspecting the work, or watching the bugs attracted by the inside lights.

Bugs, mom, always bugs! Can you open the window and let a few in to play with me?
*pout* you no fun..

Being on the top must have made him nervous, or there was too much breeze from the air conditioner because he moved down and sat on the step for a long time.

If I knock the trowl down, will it make daddy jump? Can I try? hee hee

Star did her share of inspecting. But better than that, she found this spot to lay in and stayed there! Relaxed! Comfortable! Downstairs! In Leo's zone! My baby girl might be chilling out!
Daddy was pleased too, and gave her some good scritches.

*purr* A little to the right.. ah, that's the spot. *PURR*

Leo walked along the wall behind her and started snooping at the bags and things. She reached down and tried to give him a little swat. Good thing she has short legs! Leo wasn't intimidated in the least. No picture of that of course..

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Jewel said...

Yes, cats and decorating don't always go together very well do they? I see Star has found a good spot for some relaxation after all the hard work of supervising. Love your cool blog background.