Friday, July 1, 2011

Snacky Saga

Last nights snack was not immediately consumed as usual. It’s not that it wasn’t something they liked, it’s just that it was kind of their second snacky of the day. I don’t usually give them two snackies, but Star had been downstairs for a long time yesterday and she actually had control of the Royal Footstool for a while. As long as she was sitting on it, I thought I’d give her a reward for being a brave baby and taking back something she used to enjoy. Namely the Royal Footstool.

So while she was sitting on it, I kept giving her Temptations. She thought that was just nummy nummy. Leo wandered by, she growled, but I thought hey, if she’s getting snacky, he should get some too. I put his on the floor. Now, he normally LOVES Temptations. They both do. But he wouldn’t eat any. Not one.

That could have been one of two things I suppose. One, he didn’t want to eat on the floor while she was above him. Or two, it wasn’t in his dish. Star will eat her snacky on whatever I put it on. Paper plates, newspaper, good dishes, the lid to KFC buckets, her dish, she doesn’t care. Leo seems to only be comfortable eating out of his own dishes.

Back to last night. They had different snacks. Star had her favorite chicken appetizer and Leo had a can of chicken and liver. Star is very fussy and has turned her nose up at anything that’s not chicken almost every time it’s offered. Once she did eat a chicken and tuna appetizer, the only time I’ve seen her eat fish other than in dry food.

     Goose, no thank you.
     Duck, I don’t think so.
     Beef, what, trying to poison me?
     Chicken, lady.
     C. H. I. C. K. E. N. Got it?

     Yes’m, chicken, got it.

     And take it easy on that dark meat chicken, lady.. I prefer white.

     Yes, your highness..
Spoiled much?

     What was that?

     Oh.. Nothing....

Last night, Leo does not finish his chicken and liver snack. Not terribly unusual, he doesn’t need to be a pig. Star often leaves some for later. Not so much since Leo showed up, but she’s never been one to gorge. After he wandered off, Star left.. Understand this, she LEFT her chicken appetizers! And went over to see what was in Leo’s bowl. Chicken appetizers is the one thing she never leaves until the dish is totally empty!

I figure she’ll take one sniff at his bowl with the chicken and liver, then turn up her nose and go back to her chicken. But no. She settled in and started munching his snack. His chicken and LIVER snack. Liver! Ya coulda knocked me over with one of Leo’s feathers....

Leo came out of the window and saw her face down in his dish. She must have sensed him, because he didn’t make a peep. She looked up. Any time she see’s him, especially that close, she grumbles, growls or hisses. But she made not one sound. He went back to the window. She went back to eating his snack.

A few minutes later she went back to her dish, leaving some still in his. Leo came out of the window again, looked at her, then his dish, then went back to the window. Must have been good bug watching time. ..I think the fireflies are starting to come out.

Star finished her chicken, went back to his dish, had a few more nibbles, then went back upstairs. I honestly don’t have a problem with her eating more than her fair share.. I still want her to gain a few more ounces, I think she’s still too thin.

Fast forward to this morning, (noon). I come downstairs and that bed I told you about yesterday, the one that Leo has started sleeping in... it’s been pulled several feet across the floor to cover Leo’s dish. Say what? Who did that??

Star only buries food she refuses to eat. Seriously. If she doesn’t like it, she will dig at the carpet trying to cover it. If there’s anything within reach that she can move, she will drag it over the offending offering. But she liked that! And I know for a fact that she came up with us last night and probably didn’t go down again until I did. Sure she could have gone down and done it. But I’m doubting it.

I think Leo did it. Now the question is, did he do it to cover something he didn’t like? Unlikely, he ate a lot of it, and the bowl was empty, meaning he must have finished whatever Star left. Wild big cats bury their kills to keep other predators from eating what belongs to them. Was he trying to hide his bowl so Star can’t eat out of it?

I have no idea what he was thinking, but boy was it funny. Should I be worried that my couch pillow was on the floor again..? hmm

My Royal Footstool... I claim it back from the infidel...

See, THAT’s my dish.. That’s where I expect my foods..
Hey.. There’s something still in there! Nom nom nom!

Paw lickin’ good!

This is not the post I was going to do today.. I was going to write about a few visitors that have been coming by to see Leo. Had pictures ready and everything. Guess I’ll do that one tomorrow.


Katnip Lounge said...

You know that this is all part of an Evil Plan for Star and Leo to drive you crazy.
::diabolical laugh::

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

oh my cod... I think.. I think it's working!!!

Barbara said...

Chicken, lady.
C. H. I. C. K. E. N. Got it?
That is one very important comma! Without it my good friend would have been on the menu! LOL
Chicken Lady!!!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

lol, I hear you. As my mother has gone by the screen name ChickenLadyBird for ages, it's an important distinction!

Barbara said...

Andrea, I know, she is the friend I was referring to! ;) She knows I love kittys and sent me your link! :)