Saturday, July 23, 2011

Scardy Cats

Leo has been afraid to come into our bedroom for the most part because it’s Star’s territory. Yes, he has made the occasional foray into the Lionesses den, but for the most part, he will sit in the door way and crane his neck looking around to see if she’s there. Most of the time he doesn’t see her at all, but still won’t come in no matter how much I call him.

That said.. You know how much work we have to do with repairing walls and all and that it’s been freaking the poor boy out. So imagine if you will, that he disappeared all day Thursday while power tools were in use and people were in and out all day. Could not find hide nor hair of him. Finally, hours after everyone left and he still hadn’t showed up, Greg went on another search for him and guess where he was? Yup, our bedroom. Under the bed, and let me tell you, nothing was going to convince him to come out!

I am serious. We tried for hours. Not even snack time could get him to move. We could see him, but could not reach him. And when Greg tried, Leo just moved further back. We have a base on the bed with doors and drawers so it’s way too hard to get under there because, well, there’s stuff stored there!

We finally had to just go to bed and let him stay. Star was in and out, and I was afraid that she’d go under there and start a fight. She spends a lot of the day under that bed herself. Since we hadn’t seen her all day either, I have no idea where she had been hiding... I don’t know how she didn’t know he was under there, I mean his scent had to be in the room. But there had been no fighting.

I have no idea how long he stayed under the bed. I kept watching for him to come out because I was worried about Star flipping out when he showed his face. Sometime around 3AM I heard him calling me from downstairs. I never saw or heard him leave! I called back to him, but he didn’t come back up. Star kind of grumbled at his calling, though she stayed where she was. On her closet box.

When I got up Friday, Leo was all over me for attention! He was starved for touch and I made a big fuss over him. Lurking in the back of my mind though, was the fact that in a few hours work would begin again. Would he run and hide and spend the day under the bed again? I was worried.

Turns out I needn’t be. He must have been so attention starved from the day before that he didn’t go into hiding for more than a few minutes at a time.

He spend most of the day trying to sit on me, and if not on me, then on the back of the couch trying to put a paw on someone. Even my mother, who he hadn’t been overly friendly with before. He sat for quite a while with his back foot on the top of her head!

The difference might have been there were no power tools running as my dad was mudding and taping the new walls. Star made the occasional appearance as well. It was a good kitty day!

One funny thing happened. At first I thought Star had come down and she and Leo were fighting! I heard him thunder through the house as if he were scared of something. Finally he came to a landing on the Royal Footstool. And running up one side of his plume of a tail and down the other, was a left over piece of that sticky mesh drywall tape! Poor baby, he must have sat on it and was running around trying to escape it! I got it off with minimal fur removal and he was a happy baby again.

Star the Snooperviser is at it again.
Hmm, not quite dry yet. And would it kill you to run a broom through here?

Leo, more than ready for this mess to be over with.
Looks good enough to me... can we be done?

Leo is enjoying the view, too bad that cabinet isn’t staying there when all is done.
But I like this window! I want this to stay!

Star got some catnip!
(Leo still hates it)
Nomnomnom, mmm that’s the good stuff!

Leo likes daddy’s boot laces!
Toys! *chew chew chew* Um, you didn’t want to keep these did you?

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Katnip Lounge said...

I hate it when a furkid disappears! How they do that is a mystery to me. Now that Leo's scent is under the bed he may go back there again, you never know!
My crew hates loud noises too--I had a deaf cat once and he was so unfazed; the other ones thought he was nuts when the vacuum came out and he never moved.