Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Leo's Bad Day

Poor Leo. He’s not having the best day around here... He has gotten over hiding while work is going on, though not when power tools are running. But he’s pretty much accepted my parents being in the house, and doesn’t hide too much. Considering what he went through today, hiding might have been safer!

Bear with me while I do a little background so you get the scope of this first incident. My mother does miniature dollhouse stuff. At the moment, she’s president of her miniature club. They are always looking for things that look like other things in miniature. For instance, that little plastic support in the middle of your pizza? Nice little end table.

Her newest find is that the seeds part of red pepper flakes look just like miniature potato chips. This means that while my dad works on the walls, she and I have been sitting here separating the seeds from the flakes... Yes, it’s just as tedious as it sounds. Two days we did this.

First we started by using the eraser end of pencils to separate them one at a time. I was impatient so I started sliding bigger piles out of the way with my finger. Then today I just did it all by finger while my mom used the point of a pencil. She kept telling me not to rub my eye, which I wasn’t gonna do anyway, I’m not that silly!

I got to thinking, it can’t be that bad, people put this on their pizza and cook with it! I don’t feel any oil from it on my finger, maybe I’m not getting anything on me. So I quickly tapped my tongue... Holy Smokes! I about choked! I sucked down water and stole my mom’s gold fish crackers! Bleh! That was yucky!

After I regained my wits... I started teasing, telling her to lick my finger, it wasn’t bad! Ha! Nephew and his fiancé stopped over, they weren’t buying it either. Guess there aren’t many fools in my family. Aside from me apparently..

Leo, poor baby, happened to jump onto the Royal Footstool in front of me and sprawled out. I wondered if the smell of the peppers would interest him. I held my finger about half an inch from his nose. The silly boy, he sniffed, and then leaned into my finger and rubbed his wet nose on it! I pulled away, but thought the damage was done. But he didn’t move. Ok, maybe it didn’t bother him.

A minute or two later, it must have started tingling or something because he licked his nose. I have never seen a cat’s eyes go that wide! He jumped straight up in the air and ran from the room like the hounds of hell were on his tail! Oh my poor baby! I felt sooo bad! He didn’t come back out for an hour at least. I hope he went and got a drink.

My dad has been mudding the walls. That’s the thick white stuff that fills nail holes and seams on the drywall. He’s also been fixing little holes and such that have happened to the walls over the years. One patch is above the couch.

Earlier in the day Leo was trying to get out of the room quickly, so he ran up me like I was a ramp, jumped to the back of the couch, ran down the side and leaped off. Swishing his plume of a tail right through wet mud... Pretty sure he swiped his side through it a little too, silly cat.

Tomorrow or the next day, we’re going to start texture painting.. I hope he doesn’t swish through that too! I’d be obligated to paint him then, and I don’t think pale blue would look good on him..

I need more than pets mom, I need snacks and toys too..
I has a bad day.

Heh heh heh, I’ll give you some of my catnip to do that again.

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Random Felines said...

Poor Leo - guess that is where they get that phrase about curiousity and cats. :) Mom says when they do work around here we get locked up so we don't "help". Last time we ended up with white paint on Ivy and Mo. MOL