Thursday, July 21, 2011

Freaked Out Kitties

A lot of work has been getting done which is keeping the cat’s in hiding. Star stays upstairs for the most part. She came down several times when it sounded all quiet, but that’s because all the dry wall cutting was going on outside. As soon as they came back in, she darted for the stairs again.

Leo was in hiding but we didn’t know where. We didn’t see him all day even though we looked for him several times. It wasn’t until we moved out the one couch, deciding that we just couldn’t be that crowded up for the duration (I was feeling claustrophobic and I am not usually). Since that couch was in bad shape anyway, it was the logical choice. When we moved the couch we were keeping, he ran out from inside it! It’s a lazyboy recliner couch and he must have found a way in through the back. Sneaky kitty!

Today no one could work because of other issues, and Leo was making up for lost time. Every time he saw me, he would practically force his way past whatever I was doing so he could crawl up to my neck and snuggle and sleep. He was stuck to me like glue today! Not that I minded, he’s my baby after all.

Star spent a lot of time downstairs herself, hissing and showing her displeasure in the fact that Leo wasn’t tossed out with the other couch. There was a lot of snooping at what had been done as well. Lots of intriguing new scents and sights.

Tomorrow work continues, so I don’t expect to see much of the poor babies. But things are moving along faster than I thought they would so hopefully it’s all over soon.

What the...?? The Chair doesn't go over here...

I'm a little freaked out about all of this.. can you tell?

I do like the new window view though..

Out of the way, Chief Inspector Star is here to snoopervise what's been done around here.
I like the new hidey-hole, you may leave this here. Permanently.

Lookin' better, but I'm still freaked out somewhat.
I want The Chair back in front of a window please.

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Random Felines said...

CHANGE SUCKS!! :) But we appreciate Leo's hidey place. MOL