Thursday, July 28, 2011

Favorite Things (a few anyway)

In my post on the 23rd called Scardy Cats, I showed a picture of Leo chomping on Greg’s boot laces. Leo loves toys, even if he has to create them himself. Somewhere in the midst of the construction mess is a broken boot lace that Greg gave to him and that he has chomped to pieces.

Unfortunately a lot of his toys are hiding behind things. That might be why he stole a feather end from a string toy. I let him keep it because he needs his toys. But playing with those attached boot laces really perked him up. So when he saw, not boots, but shoes sitting all by themselves, unguarded, he had to see if they were as play-worthy as the boots.

They were.

Nomnomnomnom, less greasy, just as chompy!

Another thing that Leo cannot be without. The Chair. No matter where it winds up in the room while we’re working, and it gets pushed around on a daily basis, he HAS to reclaim it. He loves The Chair. Star does too, but she rarely relaxes enough downstairs to lay in it. So unless it’s in a window and she knows where Leo is and doesn’t feel threatened, she hasn’t been all over it like Leo wants to be.

Today The Chair wound up more in the middle of the room to be out of the way of flying texture paint. Leo couldn’t use it to see out of a window. It wasn’t close enough to a wall for him to sniff and check out the work. Nothing interesting on TV, though he did look at it for a few minutes. But ah, it’s not called The Chair for nothing. Aside from the Royal Footstool, it’s the best kitty seat in the house.

I am king of all I survey! Hey, what’s that?

Snack time rules around here. Star even puts up with Leo hanging around, even close to her, when there’s snacks in the offering. She’s also learned that Leo leaves snack in his dish, so she will always check his out. It’s ok though, because she leaves some in hers and he checks that out! What’s funny is that she’s so picky about what she gets for a snack, but she will eat things she has rejected if it’s in his dish! Leo likes just about everything, except fresh chicken and Star’s favorite chicken appetizers.

She’s giving me the laser-eyes waiting for her snack. She’s even got her back to the enemy. Who’s more interested in something else.
Snack time? Is it snack time? Now? What about now? How about..... Now! Come on..

Another of Leo’s favorite snacks is.. bugs.. tonight a beetle got in somehow (ugh!!) and he thought it was great fun. I have no idea if he ever actually ate it.. (was not gonna watch that!) but he played with it for quite a while. Leaving this snack even, which Star took advantage of. (Don’t worry, he finished hers later. Probably to get the bug taste out of his mouth. Eww)

You can’t see it, but under his right paw is the beetle. *shudder* He’s staring at Star who’s face is in his snack dish, trying to decide between the bug and the bowl.
Crunch or munch.. hmm

Again, can’t see it, but Star is munching in Leo’s bowl while he stares at her. She, for once, is ignoring him.
Nomnomnom, mine now, infidel!

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Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh they are so funny - I love that they like to finish each others snacks, and that it doesn't really cause much of a problem. And oh Leo, you are so funny about the toys - Trixie is that way too. Luckily for her there are always some around, but on the rare occasions there aren't she will make her own fun, just like you do! Oh, and Trixie wanted me to let you know she is working on a special surprise for you Leo - she is just trying to figure it all out. And Star, she is going to be sure to include something for you in that surprise too!!