Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Advice Needed!

We’re on vacation this week, so I don’t know how often I’ll be posting. However, I am in need of advice. Leo and Star still are not getting along, though there have been a few changes in their relationship that I will talk about tomorrow if I get the chance. But since they are not, Greg has been wondering if Leo needs a friend that he can play with. Obviously Star will not.

When Leo was with Chrystal, and was having trouble adjusting to the cat house, Chrystal put him and a sister together elsewhere because he loved his sisters, but apparently not everyone else. Greg also wonders if we had another female kitty if Star would get along with her better than she does the rambunctious Leo.

I’m worried that yet another cat will make Star even more crazy. She’s 12, and set in her ways. Leo has upset her routine and her peace. It’s only been three months since Leo arrived and I think they could still call a truce even if they never become best friends.

So, Cat Blogosphere.. Any thoughts? Ideas? Anything that worked in similar situations? Since we are on vacation, this would be the best time to add a new kitty, IF that should be the solution... I just don’t know if that will help or hurt.

Do I need a friend? Or does the old bitty just need to chill?

Who needs friends when you have humans wrapped around your paw..


Random Felines said...

Honestly, I think Leo could use a friend. Because he is so much younger than Star, he need someone to play with at his own energy level. And once he is entertained, he may leave Star alone and that will help her as well. I would try to get someone about his age and energy level. I have noticed even at our house with Junior, he sometimes acts like the family goof since he is the youngest...but at least he has Ivy & Spud. Having a few younger ones means they truly leave Maestro (who is 16) alone. Hope that helps....

Fuzzy Tales said...

Flip a coin, frankly.

Annie hated Nicki from the get-go, and so 8 months after adopting Nicki (April 2007), I adopted Derry as a playmate for him (Dec 2007). The boys got along famously immediately, but Annie never adjusted well and both she and Nicki still vied for top cat status. It was nasty in the house, almost daily, for four years, until had to cross over this past February. I miss her desperately, but in truth, I don't miss the stress and fights. Nicki was a bully to her and she was nasty to him, though she did tolerate Derry better (he has a submissive personality for the most part).

So I think it's 50-50. I'm sure Leo would do well with a playmate his age, but as for Star...It's anyone's guess, IMO.


Cat said...

My Molly was 15 when I brought Casper into the house. I tried for nine months to integrate their lives but it never happened. Casper loved Molly but she HATED him until the day she died three years later! I had to divide the house in half and give them their own territories. I did get Casper a kitty friend because he was so lonely and those two boys loved each other very much. Do you think Leo would benefit from one of his sisters coming to live with you?

Anonymous said...

I've been emailing you all day. Then I remembered that months ago when I was emailing you - you were never getting them. Please check your junk mail - or email me. Leave a phone number in the email. I can't find your phone ## so I don't know how to get in touch.