Saturday, June 11, 2011

Window Warriors

It has been so hot here that leaving the air conditioned house was not a pleasant thought. Luckily, I didn’t have to! But the heat broke today even though we didn’t get the promised storms. So the air went off and doors opened. Oh boy were the kitties pleased! Leo has the instincts of a great hunter, and he must, I say MUST, watch birds, bugs and squirrels running past windows and doors.
Star keeps an eye out as well, not as much as she did before the infidel intruder started sharing her viewing areas, but still. She spent her time in front of the door today, after Greg came home. I think she thinks he can/will guard her from Leo as she always comes down more when he’s here. Of course, she always spent more time downstairs when Greg was around because she owns, I mean.. loves him.
I have a feeling that if Leo were an indoor/outdoor kitty that the wildlife in the neighborhood would be in serious danger. He’s so intent when some critter is nearby, it’s almost comical. He almost wants to climb the screen when something flies past. He almost presses his face to the screen like a kid at a candy store. I will not be surprised if someday I see him actually climb the screen door!

Birdies mommy!


Remove the infidel from my window please.

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