Thursday, June 23, 2011

We got tagged!

We got tagged by Random Felines!
(that was actually a few days ago... but because of a busy week, I just found it today!)
Do you think you are hot?

Leo: Hey, I’m a good looking teen-age boy... Who DOESN’T think I’m hot??

Star: Yeah, when the air conditioner is off.

Upload a picture of the wallpaper you are using at the moment.

(Well.. It was just father’s day... otherwise I’d have a kitty!)

The song you've listened to the most recently.
We aren’t addicted to radio/ipod/mp3 players around here. So the last song we heard was probably Pat Benatar’s Bad Reputation because it’s the theme song for American Choppers!

What were you thinking about when you were doing this?
Leo: ...the yelling on American Chopper is disturbing my nap..
Star: Don’t make me look like too much of a crank or I’ll shred your laptop...
Andrea: Who can I nominate when I get to the bottom of this...

Do you have any nicknames? Oh yeah
Leo The Chinese Lion, that’s my full name. Leo the Chinese Parrot. Goofball. Klutzyboy. Ol’ Feather Tail. Leo Scarf. Wonky Toes. Mmhmm Hrrmm thppp (usually called that when he’s laying across my mouth and nose thinking that’s the best place for a nap..) Infidel. Barbarian. (The last two given by Star..)
Star: StarBaby. TarBaby. Baby Girl. Pretty Girl. Fuzzy Britches. Cranky Pants. Ornery Butt. Fastest Paws In The West. Princess HissyFace. Your Highness.   

Tag 8 bloggers:
1. Daily Dose of Dogs
8. Look What The Storm Dragged In

Who is listed at #1? Chrystal’s kitties! Leo came from there, he’s a Winnie’s Wish kitten! (Seriously, if you want a great cat, go to her site and adopt! We did and we couldn’t be happier!) 

Say something special about #5. The FIRST Winnie’s Wish kitty! Her Jimmy was adopted from the cat house first! She set the precedence!

How did you get to know #3? Oh! That’s my niece! Twin 1 who lived with us until she went to Alaska for the summer for the sole purpose of killing me. I was there the day she was born and helped raise her, her twin, and their older brother. Them’s muh babies!

How about #4? Amy’s got Leo’s sister, Trixie! How can you not love your kitty’s sibling’s people?

Leave a message for #6. The latest one to get a Winnie’s Wish Kitty. Way to go!! And welcome to the club! 

*feel free to do this or not.....but it was kind of fun!!

I know the thingie didn’t say to, but I want to say something about the numbers that didn’t get a mention!

#2: Fostering older kitties, sometimes with issues, is a special calling, and they are wonderful with them!

#7: Absolutely love the personality in the writing and that she gives to the pictures!

#8: Another new blogger with a new kitty. This time the kitty came from Love and Hisses. Yay!


Random Felines said...

YEAH!!! We do have to say though, that Star may not think Leo is so hot.... MOL

The Island Cats said...

That was really fun!!