Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Toy Tuesday

I was going to write a nice longish post today. Star had other plans for me. I know I showed pictures previously of her trying to keep me from my laptop.. Well today she nudged the lid closed and laid on it for over three hours. Ok, she did take one break to get a drink out of my glass... but before I could fire up the ol’ wordperfect she was back, nudging until she got her way and took another nap on the laptop.

I guess she was entitled to be sleepy. She’d spent quite a bit of time downstairs today grumbling. We decided that she can grumble all she wants as long as she’s down stairs. And Leo can stare at her all he wants, as long as he doesn’t pounce or stay in the kitty attack posture. Aside from the grumbles, it was a pretty peaceful evening! Star did smack the air in front of him once, but I think he might have insulted her mother.. Or perhaps her taste in snackies. Whatever it was, no contact was made, and everyone went back to guarded tolerance before we could react.

Anyway, by the time I just couldn’t stay still any longer and had to get out from under both the laptop and Star, I was just too tired to write much. So I will leave you with pictures of the new toy bonanza that daddy Greg treated them to last week. We’re still working our way through the attachments to the wand toy. So far most of them are a hit.

Here’s the set along with a very strange large crinkly ball that they absolutely do not know what to do with and a brush that was supposed to be for Leo, but he hates. I think we need a softer bristles.. He only lets me use this one on his tail floof as long as I don’t try to brush to the base of the hairs. Missing from the picture is the long stick with feathers on the end, no string. Forgot about it when I was doing the picture.

Star got a turn! She loved the feathers, but didn’t play too long. I’m still counting it a win that she was relaxed enough downstairs to play at all!
Mmm this is dandy...
Leo loves all the attachments, but I think he likes the boa the best. He just wants to gnaw on it, too bad it keeps moving on him!
Om nom nom nom
Just look at that smug baby!
I’m gonna get you, Mr. Feathers, and your little friends too! Bwahahaha!
Do you know how hard it is to take pictures while teasing with the toys? His head may be missing, but he sure looks excited doesn’t he?
Those tissues on the floor in the background.. He stole them from the box..
My boy.. is a thief..

So intent!

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Random Felines said...

CUTE!! We are glad Star is feeling a little more relaxed. Great toy haul!!