Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Territorial Disputes

My hand is doing much better. Whoever invented liquid bandage is a genius. Even the little blisters that had started to form have gone down. Thank you for the well wishes, I'm sure I'll be fine in a day or two.

The other day I reported that Leo was surprised in the 'library' window. I'm happy to say that he's been in that window several more times. Not so happy to say that those magazines that gave him such trouble the first time I saw him there apparently are still giving him trouble.. I found them on the floor, and one in the uh.. porcelain fountain. Not pleasant.
I was in there putting away towels and sorting.. Isn't it funny how messy they can get? But I'm not going to go off on a rant about that particular pet peeve.. Anyway, as I was sorting, Leo ran in, saw me and skidded to a stop. I knew Star was in the bedroom, so I quietly called him and told him that he didn't have to run, as he was preparing to do. He did leave, but turned around immediately and crept back in, keeping an eye on me. I pretended to be engrossed in towels, and he got over his nervousness.
He jumped onto the porcelain fountain and I thought, ah, that's right, he's not a great jumper, he won't go right onto the counter. While it's true that he is an uncertain jumper, that wasn't his only reason for jumping there apparently.. He had to get a drink. Ugh I try not to think about that too much, bleh. Anyway, I rolled my eyes and kept working on my sloppy cabinet, The next time I looked over, he was at the window. Good, I thought, a much better place.
Then he tiptoed over to the other side of the counter and got another drink. Out of Star's special glass... This is a tall glass that always sits there full to the rim, refilled frequently because she likes it cool, and always topped up because she gives me dirty looks if it's below half an inch from the top. But it's hers. The sacred water chalice set aside for her tongue alone.. And the infidel defiled it. Ut oh.. Trouble brewing, I thought.
And that was an understatement. Because little did either of us know that Princess HissyFace must have sensed a breach of protocol and came to investigate. She arrived at the doorway and immediately started vocalizing her displeasure.
Leo stopped drinking from the sacred chalice, but could not get down from the counter or leave the room. Mostly because HissyFace was blocking the door with her expanded growling, grumbling and hissing. What was he supposed to do? After a few minutes of contemplating, he made his decision. He’s quick, runs like the wind. So he used this natural talent, hampered slightly by his clumsy jumping style, and bolted past Star to dive down the stairs.
I explained that this was not very lady like behavior for her, but Star was unimpressed. She gave me such a look and then left. Now, if she didn’t want to come in, and didn’t want a drink herself, why did she have to chase the boy away? Because it’s her territory I suppose. At least no one got smacked, that’s some kind of progress I guess.
Anyway, I’m pleased that Leo doesn’t seem to care about all the fussing Star does at him. He’s been back to the window a few more times. And while it’s a little too hot to keep it open now, he can still enjoy the birdies and squirrels.
This post has taken longer to write than I should have.. I had to take a twenty minute break to allow Star to lay on me. She nudged the lid to the laptop with her chin until it closed, and then to make sure the time sucking device didn’t distract me from petting her, she laid on it. Point to Star. The memory card to the camera was in the computer slot, and she was laying directly over it. Point to Star. I did attempt to retrieve it.. But she threatened to surgically remove my arm, however I declined her offer and left it where it was.

Picture time!

Leo is not fond of the time I spend on the computer either. Aside from playing Leo Scarf where he drapes himself over my shoulder, he's now taken to laying on my wrist rest where I cannot help but admire how adorable he is and pet, scritch and rub him.
Ah yes, love the ear rubs... purrrrrrrrrr

Chin rubs are the best! purrrrrrrrr

I must press my head into your hand... purrrrrrrrrrrrr zzzzzzzzzz

I think I've mentioned Star's closet box? It doesn't look so comfortable to me, but she just loves it!
I don't care what you say, the infidel will NOT be sharing my box!

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Amy and The House of Cats said...

That is such a funny story. Leo and Trixie both have a jumping aversion, though I know Trixie is good enough at it to get high - she did get to the top of the dresser when she first moved in. But when Gus and Stella are up on the printer in the living room, she stares up at them like she WANTS to go but just can't make it (even though it is lower then the dresser is). I wonder if she would try if there were a middle point - I will have to try putting something there for her.

Oh, and the drinking thing - Kirzon used to do that. Two things - first they often report that the porcelain fountain has less germs then most people's desks, and two, Kirzon stopped after the first time he fell in. YOu don't even want to know what happened to Virgil when he jumped up there (lets go with yuck and leave it at that).

As far as the cup, well, there are just some things that they will always disagree about - maybe you could get Leo his own cup for drinking and teach him to only use that one. I don't know if it would work but you could try it. We used to set up a small disposable cup for Kirzon (we would change it out periodically) until he kept knocking it into the sink and not drinking it. Trixie is a lot like Leo though, for the most part (excluding Lola growls) she just lets the others being divalike just kind of roll off her back. She is very easy going.