Friday, June 24, 2011


First thing I want to thank everyone for their good wishes, prayers, and purrs for my friends kitty, Mexi. He’s doing well now, no more seizures. All tests came back negative. Right now they’re in a wait and watch mode, hoping he doesn’t have another seizure. The thought is that he might have gotten into something. He does go outside a little bit. If he did get into something, I hope it was just an accident, not someone deliberately trying to hurt animals.

Second, we received an award! Tomorrow I will post it, because I have to give some thought to what I want to say. But today, I’m sorry, I’m just too tired.

The kitties here love scratchies. The newest one looks like a bench and they haven’t been too sure about it, only giving it the occasional courtesy scratch. They must be deciding that it’s ok because Leo at least lays on it. And now that Star is spending a little more time downstairs, she’s taken to sitting on it too.

Oh! I think I have figured out what’s making Star stay down longer in the evenings. It’s her daddy. She loves, I mean LOVES him, and I think she’s figured out that he’s on her side as far as the infidel goes. Greg doesn’t let him chase her. He follows them around when Star is downstairs and Leo’s trying to stalk her. So when Greg is home, Star is down.

Leo looks like he’s trying to will the white mousie to come closer so he doesn’t have to get up from the bench scratchy.
Come to me... come....
He gave up... sounds like a bird in the window. Now he has to decide if that’s worth getting off the benchy.
Hmm, sounds like.. A robin.. female.. In the roses.. No, gone already. Guess I’ll stay here..

Star thought it was a good place to relax after she had her snacky tonight.
I approve, it’s a good place to keep an eye on the infidel.
Then she had to survey the devastation left by Leo the Destroyer
Broken feathers, denuded toys, feather bits from those denuded toys, squished mousies, scratchy torn from it’s box, other scratchy flipped.. That boy has to much energy..

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Anonymous said...

Hello Celestial Kitties! :) Tobi is declawed... so I haven't bought him anything to scratch... but do you think he would still like scratchies too?