Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Necessarily Short

As I spent most of the day with my left hand buried in a bag of frozen peas, this will be a short post. At least it was my left hand that got burnt while I was cooking so I could still use the mouse to get a few pictures ready. It's not a bad burn, just a stripe across the backs of three fingers, but it's enough that I don't feel like typing very much.
On to the pictures!

This is an old one of Star, a year or two old. She has always loved pillows.
Stop using the flash, it's my nap time..

Have you ever seen such a silly boy? He's always hanging his head off of whatever he's sitting on. I just missed getting a shot of him with his head turned and looking underneath the chair.
Everything looks better upside down.

And this is just....

Please please please head over to Daily Dose of Dogs AKA Cats With Your Coffee and consider helping her with a huge rescue. (She is going to need a lot more money than she's asking for in her chip in!) 15 cats and kittens living in horrible conditions need immediate help!
While you're there, look over the kitties that are in need of homes. Leo came from there and adopting him was one of the best ideas I've ever had. Getting them to where ever you live isn't a problem with the great folks in the Cat blogosphere!


Random Felines said...

oooo - mom wants to snorgle the belly floof!!! Hope your fingers are better soon - mom says we shouldn't send too many kitties kisses since that might not feel too good on your fingers.

If you can, could you please email mom (randomfelines at hotmail dot com) - she has a question for you.

The Island Cats said...

What a great tummy shot!! We hope your hand heals quickly!!