Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Goofy Day (pictures added!)

It’s been very hot and humid here. Earlier I got a bottle of water from the fridge and it was frozen solid. I thought what the heck, I can drink it as it melts, it’ll be cold anyway. It wasn’t sitting on the try table more than three minutes when Leo launched himself out of the window, jumped up onto the Royal Footstool, put a paw on the table and started licking the condensation off the bottle. What the heck was that about? Did the ice call him?  
It started storming and the wind picked up quickly. Leo jumped out of the window, probably because he was getting wet. He stood in The Chair as he contemplated his next move. Something caught his eye on the sewing cabinet that sits next to The Chair. Cautiously, he crept toward it. His head did that bobbing and weaving thing where they try to get a good look at something. He reached a paw out, but couldn’t bring himself to touch it. He drew back. He reached out again, then drew back. Once more, the same thing. Then finally that paw slowly, oh so slowly reached out and touched the scary object... he jumped back immediately. Then, with more confidence, he stepped back closer and gave it a few more taps before abandoning it.

What was it? Just a black mousie toy that had one layer of it’s tail stripped back so that it was flapping in the breeze.

Star spent most of the evening downstairs. At one point Leo was on one of the folding chairs and she was walking past on the floor. She launched herself at him and with her lightening quick paws, struck! The chair.. Three times in a row, with profound hissing. Whap Whap Whap Hisssssssssssssss! She didn’t come close to touching him. I don’t think she was trying that hard.. She made her point I guess, not that Leo did much more than blink at her. But she apparently was telling him that she was staying downstairs and she didn’t care what he thought about it.

Yup, my babies had a goofy day.

Speaking of goofy...
I had a couple pictures of Leo sleeping in a very weird way, but I can't seem to get blogger to load them.. guess I'll have to post them later. I'll try to edit later today, but if not, I'll put them up tomorrow.
Pictures finally loaded! whoo hoo!

He’s sleeping here. I don’t know if you can tell in this picture, but his chin is on the Royal Footstool.

I just missed the best shot here, both legs were stretched out on the Royal Footstool. As I was getting the camera he drew back, but didn’t really seem to wake up all that much.

Before I forget, please purr and pray for my friend’s cat, Mexi, he started having seizures yesterday. You can see him in my blog roll in the Adorkably cute blog. She hasn’t written anything, just posted her kitties pictures so far. They are waiting on test results.


Random Felines said...

Too funny. Mom claims the weather makes us weird too!!

We are purrin' for Mexi and his family!!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh we are sorry about your friends cat - we are sending Mexi lots of purrs and prayers!

And boy, we missed you - all my work stuff is really interfering with visiting - I hope you got my email!

And Leo - oh Leo. The licking - that sounds so much like Kirzon - he has a 6th sense about that kind of thing and it sounds like Leo does too. But the toy thing sounds like Lola - she is the same way with a lot of things. She went through a period where she really was freaked out by stuff - I hope that Leo doesn't get like she did - but she did get better after that.

And that story about Star kind of going after Leo (but missing) just cracked me up because I could just picture it in my mind - cats are so silly!

I have seen a couple mentions that blogger is having upload problems - if I ever get to take pictures again I hope it is fixed - they usually get that stuff fixed sort of quickly!

Trixie sends Leo a special Hello!!

Meowers from Missouri said...

prrrrrrrrrrt! (that's the sound that accompanies a headbonk) may all yer days be as restful an' low-key goofy as this one!!

Bengal Trio - Luna, Zulu -n- Mercy said...

we'll purr fur your furriend to have good test results!

meowmeowmans said...

That first picture is awesome ... Leo, you are a master snoozer, dude!

We will definitly purr and pray for your friend and Mexi.