Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Library

We had another mostly peaceful evening with the kitties! Star grumbled, but Leo didn’t even get into a preparing-to-pounce posture. I didn’t have to touch him once to remind him to mind his manners. He did look at her, which she considers a growling offence. Poor boy, he’s trying. Now we have to get Star to try.
A funny thing happened earlier this morning (my morning, which is around noon!) I was just getting up, talking to twin 2 who woke me up by having issues with the car alarm on twin 1's car, which is the reason I was up.. As I walked past the closet, Star was on her sleeping box (put there, of course, just for her... as is the bean bag which she is shunning at the moment, it must have offended her somehow..), so I said hi to her and told her what a pretty baby girl she is. I tell her that several times a day. She takes it as her due and agrees that, yes, she is particularly lovely today and every day.
After paying obeisance I continued to the hall and as I prepared to enter what my husband calls his library, I noticed a little gray body at the window so I said, "Hi Star..." But before it registered that it couldn’t be Star because while she has the fastest paws in the west, she’s not THAT fast a runner, the gray fur ball had some kind of spastic fit! Ok, that’s just what it looked like when Leo tried to run off the counter but found his traction compromised by a little stack of magazines!
Once he did get his paws under him, I think he dove down the stairs without touching a single step! He was gone before I could even laugh! He was gone before twin 2 could correct me and say that was Leo, not Star. He was gone, most importantly, before Star came out to defend her territory. She took her defending duties seriously! She took off mid-pet because Leo had the audacity to come back to the top of the stairs!
There must have been a squirrel, or perhaps the birds who nest in the eves (Star keeps a very close eye on that little family of sparrows) were active. Because before I made my way downstairs, Leo made a third attempt at sneaking past Star’s watchful eye to get to that window. She prevailed though, holding off the invader with hiss and growl. Until I did go downstairs, leaving twin 2 to get a nap, because you know.. she wasn’t the one woken up early by a car alarm.. Ah, but she was leaving town today, so the least I could do was let her sleep, and maybe snooze through the time she was supposed to leave, thus keeping her here ! Because the brat decided that she didn’t want to be in town when her twin was gone all summer so she got a job elsewhere too... And the reason for this, of course, is to kill me; same reason twin 1 left town. But I digress...
After I went downstairs, Leo was content to stay there and get pet and play with teasers. Star came down after a bit, not caring to share the bed with twin 2 because she texts while she sleeps and the constant noise from her phone disturbs Princess HissyFace. The door was open, so she grumbled at the boy she won’t share a window upstairs with, telling him that she was going to share his door whether he liked it or not. And Leo, content with the chin scritches he was getting, bowed to her highness and let her sit there as long as she wanted. I could almost swear that he was sticking his tongue out at her.. Mentally at least, because he didn’t stop purring or give up the cuddles long enough to physically stick his tongue out. Ain’t my boy sweet??
Alas poor purple feather.. We hardly knew ye..
Leo loving the teaser

Mine, all mine!! Bwahahaha

Star, aka the Great Grumble Puss, does not like sharing me with the laptop, aka The Distractor
I’ll move when I feel like it. Your toy will wait.

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Nothing like getting the whole household up. That just gave me an idea..