Friday, June 17, 2011

Feather Friday

I’ve discovered a new kitty expression on the cat blogosphere, "Oh my cod!" And I can totally see Leo saying that! Yesterday, in fact, when he had this look of utter crazy cat joy on his face. You see, daddy Greg went on a little shopping spree.. Star was out of her favorite treats (gasp!! The horror!) and we were wanting to get Leo a Da Bird toy.  
Unfortunately they didn’t have Da Bird. They did have Star’s treat (oh the relief!) so she’s set. But he could not come home without something for Leo, (aside from new cans of some of his favorite stinky goodness, not that he’s fussy in the least!) So he got some substitute feather toys to hold him over until we find the good one.
We had Da Bird before, and many many replacement feather heads, and all the kitties loved it. Loved it! It sounds like a bird as it spins in the air, they can hear those feathers flap and they go on instant alert. Ok, not all the kitties.. Star did not like it much at all. The bird is an air toy, and Star prefers ground toys. Which really surprises me considering her obsession with the birds in the eves outside the bathroom window.. But there you go, she never cared for Da Bird.
When we were down to just Star, (we had three other kitties when she arrived), we put Da Bird in the closet because she didn’t care for it much and played with other toys with her. One day it fell over and got slammed in the door and broke in half. They are guaranteed and have a replacement policy, but she didn’t like it so we just got rid of it. With Leo, I wish we still had it. I know I probably have a few replacement heads in a cupboard somewhere.. But if I get them out without the stick, he’ll just eat them. The silly feather face..
So back to the new haul of toys. Goodness, daddy spoils them! He got this one stick that has 5 or 6 different ends from a feather boa type thingie to feathers, with and without sparkle ball, to some kind of chenille stringy thingies, to mylar ribbons, to more feathers!. Oh Leo’s going to love it!
Here’s a few pictures of him getting to know his new toys!

Here's the reason he needs new toys already..
nom nom nom...

Ooo what dat??

Oh my cod! It’s... it’s... NEW FEDDERS! I loves fedders!

Ooo purpley fedders too!?! Nummy!

Long stringy fedders? Oh boy! Nom-a-licious!

All worn out

Just a note about the feather boa attachment.. Leo stole it when I wasn't watching and dragged it around the room. We laughed and thought it was cute. Up until we realized that he bit clean through the string... Little goof ball.. We tied it back together, but now it's shorter. What a silly kitty.


Kwee Cats said...

We sure wuz them fedders you gots. They bees so much fun to play with. We know you has fun :-) We sure bees napping too. We glad you shared them. Has a happy weekend!

Random Felines said...

Looks like fun. We have tried those flying toys before, but we just don't have enough floor space for all of us to play right without some mid-air collisions.