Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beds and Boxes

A few years ago I made a bed for Star. It’s blue flannel with kitties and stars on it. Soft and cosy sounding right? She slept in it maybe once or twice. Since then it’s been more of a toy box than a bed.

Since Leo has been here, the ‘toy box’ gets emptied a lot. He loves to toss his toys around, that boy does. I didn’t think anything of it, we just pick up after him once in a while and refill the box/bed.

But after what I saw the other day, I suspect that play is not the only reason he’s been removing all the toys! That’s right, he used it as a bed! Finally! Someone is enjoying the fruits of my labors!

Since that first time I saw him sleeping in it, I’ve seen him in there several more times. And today, I actually watched him empty the bed before using it. He acts like he’s litter box digging, using one foot to dig dig dig until the offending obstacles are removed from where he wants to be. It was beyond cute!

Now I just want to put the toys away to see him remove them! One of these times, I’m gonna try to get it on video! Too adorable.

All curled up

Don’t ya just love his pillow too?

The flashy thingie disturbed his nappy, poor baby

I just remembered that today is international box day! I had been meaning to get a box to see if Leo would be enticed by it but I haven’t gotten around to it.. Well, that bed is sorta kinda boxy.. Mostly in that it’s square. Doesn’t count? Hmm..

Star doesn’t get IN boxes, but one of her favorite sleepy places is a box in the closet. She’s got a beanbag chair in there too, but lately she’s been a box baby. I think it which one she lays on depends on the temperature in the room. Of course as soon as I swear to that, she’ll flip it on me.

Star’s box
I know I'm next to the alarm clock, how else do you think I know when it's time for daddy to get up and pet me?


zoolatry said...

Star ~ is that a traveling box ~ will it transport you to all the great places named on it? And yes Leo: your boxy-bed qualifies.
You're both quite adorable.

The Island Cats said...

Maybe you should put the bed in a box!! Happy Box Day!!

Amanda said...

Hi Star & Leo! Nice pictures! Happy Box Day!

Fuzzy Tales said...

We think Leo's bed qualifies too, and Star's spot on the box is purrfect.

Happy International Box Day!

meowmeowmans said...

Star and Leo, you two are looking good! Happy International Box Day! :)