Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vacation Surprise!

We’re on vacation this week! Ok, Greg is, but as his wife, I get to say that I’m on vacation too, right? Right. Anyway, that said to explain why my post will be short today and possibly sporadic this week.

I did want to share one amazing thing that happened Monday. Greg is used to getting up early, so even after sleeping in, he still got up well before I did. He decided to get on the computer. Now, you know what Leo likes to do when I’m on the computer, right? He likes to play my Leo scarf! He jumps up next to me and crawls up, with an almost desperate look on his face, until he’s draped over my shoulder.

So Greg is at the computer and Leo must hear it or something, because he jumped up next to him and started to climb him! Greg! Not me! Greg! Who Leo isn’t sure about and doesn’t really go to for pets. Who he runs from most of the time! Though once in a while he’ll rub against Greg’s legs for a moment, if Greg reaches down to pet, he runs off. That Greg!

And silly Leo, he even started climbing Greg! Apparently he go about half way to his shoulder and decided, hmm maybe I don’t want to do this.. So he tried to stand on the table in front of Greg. (The kitchen table is my computer table, we eat at card tables in the living room) Greg doesn’t get the whole, cats go where they want and that includes tables. He thinks they can be trained to not get on them. And for the most part, I agree, but still. When my dear sweet Leo scarf gets heavy I’ve been known to set his little butt on my wrist rest.. Not technically the table right?! Right.
Greg gently, but firmly, told him that he could not stand on the table right there in front of his face. So Leo then declined to stay there any longer.

But still, progress!! He touched Greg of his own volition! And he didn’t freak out! And even when told no, he didn’t freak out and run! He might, just might, be softening toward Greg! I just know they’re going to be buddies soon. Even if it will tick off Star... She so hates when Leo touches her property.. And that includes Greg for sure!
I wish I had a picture of Leo climbing Greg, but alas I do not. So please settle for this adorable picture of his tummy. Leo’s not Greg’s.

I agree, my tummy is amazing.. so's my floofy tail!

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This is the wonderful amazing place where I got my sweet Leo the Chinese Lion!


Amy and The House of Cats said...

Wow what progress - that is so amazing. I wonder if he started out a bit sleepy and then when he relized it he was like, well, he isn't too bad, then decided, well, maybe not climbing him is a better idea right now. I know that Trixie was nervous with Brad and so he would kind of pet her when she was sleepy and she would wake up, see it was him, and then be like "eh, he isn't so bad I guess". Now she climbs up and sits by him sometimes (but still sits by me the most of course!) So maybe Leo is kind of the same - which is good because it helps them get used to each other (it works at feeding times too). And oh what a cute floofy belly he has - it is so funny he is Trixie's brother but so much floofier then she is! He is just gorgeous!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

That is so funny Amy! Greg does try to pet him when he's sleepy. Leo will look up and see it's not me, act like he's gonna run, but Greg kind of holds him for a second and he calms down and accepts a few pets! That's exactly what I was thinking he was thinking "Eh, he might not be so bad.." Trixie is gorgeous too! They are so different in looks, but so alike in other ways!

Andrea said...

Hmm, I commented here but I think it must have been one of the comments blogger removed when it was down..
I had said that yeah, I think you're right, amy because when Greg pets Leo and he's been sleeping, he doesnt run. He looks up at him like, hey, yer not mommy! then, well, ok... just this once..
He will rub against Greg's legs occasionally. And yesterday, he got up beside him on the computer again and I guess went nuts demanding pets and attention while I was still sleeping!
Sounds like a good excuse to sleep in more hmm? so Leo will make friends with Greg?? I'm gonna try that out on him hee hee
Trixie's gorgeous too! She sounds like she might be Star's size, she's a petite kitty girlie too. Sometimes I can't believe how fluffy Leo is! But Star, fluffy but not as fluffy as him, has the absolute softest fur around! I think I got a glimps of her kittens all those years ago when I got her, and only one looked anything like her. Funny how that works isnt it?
Amy, I have tried to comment on your blog, but it doesnt seem to let me..