Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tootsie Tuesday

We’ll get to adorable tootsie’s in a moment, but first..  
You might have noticed something new on our site here.. The Banner! I’ve been thinking about making one for quite a while and I’m kinda pleased at how it came out. I’ve seen so many cool banners in the kitty blogs I read regularly so I wanted one too. I really wanted it to reflect why I went with the name "Celestial Kitties." Both of my kitties, neither named by me, have heavenly names.
In fact, "Heavenly Kitties" was my first thought for a blog title, but my niece said it sounded like my kitties had died.. So I went with Celestial and you know what? I think I like it so much better anyway. I do think my kitties are heavenly, and I’m glad they are with me!
I almost feel like Star got to roll back her age this past week. We are always trying to remember how old she is and I finally decided that it had to be 14, and so we were going to leave it at that. But as you know, she got sick this week and went to the vet. They had her records so we took a peek and guess what? She’s only going on 12! Still just a youngster! Ok ok, I know that’s still getting up there, but she’s also, aside from her current respiratory infection, in great health.
Speaking of her infection, she was back to the vet and declared on the mend. Her eye looks very much better although she’s still squinty. She HATES her medicine.. She seems to know when it’s coming and avoids us like mad. We give her the antibiotic just before snack time, so she knows to come downstairs, but she avoids being picked up as best she can. Today she ran from her Temptations before she was done because Greg moved.. He actually had to go upstairs after her this time. But after the antibiotic and eye cream she got extra Temptations, so she seemed pretty ok with it.
I must remember to NEVER get her liquid medicine again.. She’s almost a dream to give pills to, and we had a choice, but we choose poorly.. A little braunschweiger around it and she will swallow anything! It’s been so long since she’s needed any medication that we forgot about that. Hopefully we won’t need to use that information though..
Anyway! On to the Tootsies! I love kitty tootsies! So cute and furry with sweet little pads and fur between the toes! Ok, I could live without the claws.. But even so, kitty paws are amazingly cute little things! And Leo’s polydactyl paws! Even cuter! Extra toes on each foot means extra adorableness!

First, Star's Pretty Paws

I've had this picture for a long time, I love how all stretched out Star is!

Grainy cell picture... but she's got her paws crossed!
Ignore the stink-eye she's giving me.. She doesn't like her naps being disturbed.

Pawing the Kong Kickaroo!
Seriously... isn't this a great toy!

Just lounging with danglin' paws.

Another real grainy cell pic,
but look! She's using her paw as a pillow!

Really blurry... The sun was hitting her and she was moving,
 but two adorable things! Paws and tongue! She's so cute!

Leo's Precious Paws

I've been trying to get a picture of this wonky claw..
Still don't have a very good picture

This is one of his back paws. For a while I wasn't sure those were polydactyl.
As you can see, they are!

This is the paw pads on one of the back paws.
Love the tufts of fur between the toes!

Blury.. yes. Cell pic?.. yes. Look like he only has three legs.. yes.
He was moving pretty fast.
Look at those feet though! This is another one from that series where
he was pushing on the Kingdom of the Footstool while playing.
Too cute!! (even if it is blurry..)

No, he's not licking there, he's licking his leg..
Too cute when they forget to put the leg down when they're done!

And here's all his paws as he lays twisted up in The Chair.
You can see most of the extra toes, just too cute!!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you got lots of furry tootsie's to tickle!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Wonderful furry toesies for this Tuesday! :-)

Them mom finds kitty feet irresistible and always wants to smooch ours...bleh!

Random Felines said...

Serious cuteness....we love those toes!!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

We love thegvffffffffff6 banner! (Sorry about the weird typing - Trixie came over and I scrolled up to show her the Leo pics and she walked over and climbed over the keyboard - it must be secret cat code to Leo saying hi.

I love the pictures of their paws - both Star and Leo are adorable and have adorable paws. Trixie has wonky claws on both her front paws and her back paws are a lot like Leos where the extra toe is harder to see (it is so obvious on the front that it makes the back seem like normal paws is my guess at least). Except he of course has the extra floof, and Trixie doesn't because she is short furred.