Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random Picture Wednesday!

Today I just have some random thoughts.. Probably because I’m tired. Or because my niece is leaving today. Or because my kitties are random. Whatever the reason, today is Random Picture Wednesday!

Leo has the softest paws and when he plays he does not use his claws. He does have a few claws that have gotten long and sharp because he loves the scratchy thingies, but he does not use those claws on me on purpose. When I tickle his belly he grabs my hand. If I get a scratch it’s only because that one claw on each paw sticks out longer than his toe pad.

 Argh! gotcha!!

 That flashy thingie is distracting me from catching the tickle hand..

I know I need to trim his claws soon. Star’s too. She’s easy enough, Greg holds her, I trim while she grumbles and mews like she’s being sooooooo abused. Leo is an unknown in the claw trimming department.. And Greg hasn’t been able to pick him up more than once. And boy did he not like that one bit! I pick him up all the time, but for cuddles. Still, one of these days we’re going to have to get the job done.

I caught this adorable picture of sleepy boy the other day. Note the paw tucked under his chin?


It’s funny to me because I have a habit of sleeping with my fist crammed under my chin. I’ve tried to break the habit, but nothing works. I always sleep as if I was punching myself out.. And here’s my baby boy, doing the same exact thing! I think it’s adorable..

This next picture is odd, I know...

Star: I claim the footstool!! Bwhahaha!
Leo: She may have the top.. But the underside is still all mine! Bwhahaha!

Is this what progress looks like? They were within half a foot of each other and there was no growling. I find it hard to believe they didn’t know the other was there.. Though Star does seem to not notice him all the time. Unless she’s faking not seeing him in some kind of psychological you-do-not-exist kind of thing.. Hard to believe, but sometimes he does get the drop on her, literally, from a chair or the Kingdom of the Footstool.

And finally, here’s Star. Note the intense look in her large eyes. Note the perked ears. Note the crouched head. Note that you cannot see the tip of that tail twitching.

Oo oo oo.... watch out little feathered sparkle ball... I’m gonna get you in about three seconds!

She’s watching the kitty teaser twitch back and forth really quickly. She loves fast play. And since a certain young, energetic young man entered her life, she’s been playing more and more. She’d been starting to act like a little old lady. And at 14, I could understand that. But all the sudden she’s got to prove that she’s as agile and playful and fun as any young whippersnapper! We don’t call her the fastest paws in the west for nothing..


The Island Cats said...

Cute pictures!! We don't like our claws either...our mom has to bribe us with treats to do ours.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

I love the pictures, and I totally understand about the randomness - that is how we are at our blog most of the time!

And if Leo is anything like his sister then he will be ok with the trimming. Trixie squirms a bit but certainly doesn't fight it. But they are kind of naturally squirmy kitties so I think that is part of the squirming. Does Leo click when he walks? Even if her nails are trimmed, Trixie has a little click because the claws on her extra toes either partially retract or don't retract at all. So if he does click and you trim and he still does don't be surprised!

And Star is so cute - that picture of her getting ready to pounce is just great. It is wonderful that Leo has brought out some of the kitten in her again!

Andrea said...

I’ve never noticed if Leo clicks.. He’s mostly on carpet, so I wouldn’t hear anything there. I’m going to pay attention in the kitchen to see if I hear anything. I have noticed that the extra toe claws are folded down over the central pad on each front foot, though on the back feet, they are retracted properly. His extra toe claws are oddly shaped, one is really flat and wide. They don’t seem to bother him at all, but one of his regular claws gets caught when he’s climbing the furniture. Star jumps onto stuff, he climbs, she’s half his size and way older, go figure..

I was trying to comment on your blog, but it wasn't going through.. You said that Trixie was a snugglebug, and so is Leo! Family trait? lol And getting the smack down doesn't bother him at all either. Though he's usually too fast for her to get a paw on.