Friday, May 27, 2011

Leo the Redecorator

 Leo is taking an interest in his surroundings. And apparently he’s finding them lacking. He’s taken to moving things around. Not just little things either. Ok, sure, any cat worth his salt can totally destroy a pile of papers set aside for recycling. I’m not sure every cat can scatter them quite as far as Leo seems to be able to.. He seems to delight in separating every single paper from every other paper thus generating the largest field of recyclables possible!
He also has started to tip over small trash cans. Not that he wants anything that’s in them. He just sits up on his butt, uses both paws to grab the edge of the can and gives it a little tug. As soon as it’s on it’s side, he gives it a cursory sniff, then with a smug look, lifts his magnificent tail in the air and trots off to wreak more mayhem elsewhere.
There are little off white towels on the arms of one of my couches because the material is looking a little shoddy. Granted they are not always in place, people always seem to knock them down with pillows. But Leo used his smug look again as he sat on the arm with the towel almost neatly moved aside. Now, I don’t have proof that he moved it.. But see for yourself..
That face just seems a little TOO innocent to me..
There wasn’t anything here when I sat down, I swear..
Oh of course not, it was moved first.
I wouldn’t know anything about that mom.. I’s all innocent.
You see, the reason I don’t put the towel moving beyond Leo is the other thing he’s been moving.. And it’s a great deal heavier than a little towel. You see, my other couch sags in the middle and we keep a semi-flat bed pillow on it. This pillow keeps winding up on the floor in front of the couch. It’s not walking there on it’s own. And as I’ve noted in previous posts, Star spends the night upstairs, so I know it’s not her.
Aside from the fact that I caught him in the act of moving it. Sort of... I’ve come down to find Leo laying behind the pillow, feet pressed into it, and pillow hanging a little over the edge. He turns innocent eyes up at me, gives me a morning meow hello and leaps over onto the Royal Footstool where he receives his hellos and pets and snorgles and general lovin’s.
The funny thing is, when the pillow is all the way on the floor, he’s not on the couch at all. He’s not in sight at all. Does he feel guilty for tossing the pillow? No small feat, you’d think he’d stick around to gloat.. Or has he just finished his work and has no reason to stay there?
Whatever it is, I’m glad he’s comfortable enough to rearrange his living space to suit himself. Now where did he lose the mail...
I finally got a good close up picture of Leo’s odd claw.
It does not retract and appears to have two points. It’s always visible like that. The one on his other front paw isn’t quite that odd. It doesn’t retract either, but it lays neatly on the bottom of his paw, partially covering his center foot pad. It doesn’t seem to bother him, neither of them do. And he doesn’t mind at all if I play with those adorable toes! The front ones that is, he’d prefer the back ones be left alone thank you very much.

Hey! She’s on my Royal footstool!
Poor Leo, it was hers first!

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Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh that is so funny that Leo moves stuff. That is one thing that Trixie doesn't do too much. She has been known to knock down the small garbage can in the bathroom, but I am positive she is not the only one who does it. We have kitty beds that move all over, but again, that is just something they all do. So that sounds like one thing they don't have in common.

Leo's weird claw is kind of like Trixie's but her's has only one tip. And she has a couple in between her regular toes and extra toes - kind of like another toe in there. I just gave up trying to figure it out and go by the number of paw pads for counting. Trixie's extra's don't retract either and don't bother her - I am pretty sure that the non-retraction is common on all polydactyls extra toes. I was worried about them because they kind of point inwardish but they dont bug her at all - it is good to know that Leo is the same way!!

I love that picture of Star on the Royal Footstool with Leo looking on - it kind of seems like she knows he is there staring at her!