Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Leo Looks Out

The weather actually improved over the days of no internet, formally known as The Dark Times. Windows and doors were opened. Our screen door suffered some damage and we were worried about leaving the big door open in case Leo would be able to bash his way out.

Star once got so excited by a passing kitty encroaching on her doorstep that in the process of trying to scare it away, she threw her body at the crack when suddenly and horrifying found herself on the wrong side of the door! I jumped up immediately and ran to her rescue, having thoughts of never getting her back because she only comes when called if there’s chicken to be had! And I was currently chicken-less!

I needn’t have worried. She was totally freaked out and trying desperately to find her way back in! By the time I got the door open, she was squeezing through the hole again. Which.. Since I was in the process of opening it, still left her on the pavement! She ran in though, and tail between her legs, she rushed all the way upstairs to hide, presumably, under the bed for an hour or so.

Since The Incident, Greg has tried to bend the bottom panel of the screen door back into place as far as possible, and The Incident has not been repeated.

But Leo, he’s bigger, and stronger. Could he push his way out? We don’t know what he’d do if he got out. I’m pretty sure he’d come when I called him, if he wasn’t too enthralled with all the new sights and scents. And I sure don’t want him to fall in love with the outdoors! I want him to be like Star, running when the door opens! I know that her one foray into the great outdoors will be her last, she has no interest in actually going out, even if she loves watching all the goings on out there.

But I’m digressing here.. The weather was pretty nice for a few days so windows and, yes, the door, were opened for some fresh air. Leo was in kitty heaven! All the new smells! The only fly in the ointment was having to wait for Star to relinquish the window so he could get a look from that view. I decided to give him a chair in the door so maybe he would look from the screen rather than the holes at the bottom. It worked pretty well. But don’t take my word for it. Leo can show you.

Why is the chair here? For me??

Oooo lots of interesting smells!

Thank you mommy, this is awesome!

Coolies, I can look out from down there too...


Chair leg! Must Attack!!!

This is my favorite chair you know.

Lookin' out the window.. SQUIRREL!!

Um, Leo... the screen is on the bottom half..

I know... but I'm tall and I like to show off that I can reach the upper window! Let's see shorty Star try that!

Oh how I wish I wish I wish I had gotten a picture of the cutest thing with that window... Star was in the window, sitting on the sill and Leo jumped into the chair and then onto the back of the chair. Star immediately hissed! He jumped back down into the chair and thought for a minute.

Then he slowly crawled up the back. If the chair had been on it’s back, he’d have looked like a marine doing that slow belly crawl through a barbed wire mesh obstacle course. His back legs got up off the seat and he clung to the chair back like a Garfield window kitty with the suction cups on it’s feet!

Slowly, he raised his nose up over the back of the chair and peered out. I’m sure from the other side, he looked like one of those Kilroy Was Here thingies again! He’s so silly!


Anonymous said...

Have you considered microchipping them? A collar would wear away those pretty ruffs eventually, but a microchip might help if the worst did happen.

The Island Cats said...

Oh Leo! We are jealous of your opened windows and doors! It's still so cool here that we haven't been able to have our windows opened. Enjoy your window whiffies!!