Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feather Confusion

Last time I posted, and yikes, been longer than I intended.. I was talking about the kitty’s toys. I did happen to run across Star’s butterfly so I quick took pictures of it.

I would love to get her another, but it seems like they aren’t making it any more. I wish I could have gotten a picture of her with it, but she’s a little gun shy of us at the moment. Every time we go near her, she thinks she’s going to get medicine and she runs. She’ll come around soon I’m sure since she’s all done with meds now. And looking so much better! She seems to be fine now, no drippy eye, no puffiness. And back to her normal sassy self.
Don’t think she’s going without attention though. She’s fine with us when she figures no meds are in sight. Take tonight for instance, she just got done with a huge cuddle session. Normally when I’m laying down, she sits on me and I get the rear view.. Cat people know what I’m talking about.. However tonight she faced me and practically rolled all over trying to get scritches on her cheeks, chin and ears!
Leo has had a ball lately with his feather toys. He tried to steal three more from the pack and I had to put them away. I think two are enough at one time.. Actually, he wasn’t sure what to do with two at once! He didn’t seem to know which way to swat! Silly thing.

Don't fall feather!

One feather, two feather
Yellow feather, um... purple feather?
Mom! I needs a blue feather!
The cable guy was here today and Leo was all over the place. Every time the door opened he’d run, but then he’d be back and sniffing anything that seemed new or in a different place. We had to move The Chair to get access to the wall and this totally flipped Leo out. He had to sniff everything behind the chair, even though he’s been under and back there a zillion times. Then he had to climb all over The Chair to make sure it was still THE Chair even though it was in the middle of the room.

Something is off here.. I just can't put my paw on it..
Who moved window?
Cable guy kept wanting to pet him, he’d talk sweet to him and reach out a finger for Leo to sniff, but as soon as he was within 10 inches, Leo would bolt! No strange mens is gonna touch him! He is not fond of other people at all. He has started to let Greg pet him on occasion now. Mostly if he’s sleepy, never when he’s playful. And twin 2's boyfriend is ok to play with. Other than that, he’s fine with just me as his special friend.
Although tonight twin 2 was sitting on the Royal Footstool when he wanted on it, so he just got on it anyway! She even got to pet him for a few moments before he decided to abdicate. For the moment. I think he was willing her to get off it because the second she moved, he was back on it, claiming his rightful throne!

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