Monday, May 16, 2011

End of Vacation Randomness

Star would prefer it if I did not write a post today.. She has decided that she should be my ‘laptop’ rather than my nieces laptop.
Here she is laying between me and the laptop.. I can't get anything done..
I disapprove
She’s been very attention hoggish at night this past week. I’m not complaining! I have always wanted her to be my cuddly kitty. But as you know, she’s chosen Greg to be hers, not me. But at night, when he’s sleeping, and I’m the only one up, tapping away on the laptop, she wants pets. She gives me the most pathetic looks, so I have to shove the laptop out of the way and let her sit on me. Then she grumbles if I pet her wrong..
I think part of her extra cuddliness is that she doesn’t feel good yet. She’s really gonna hate it when she goes back to the vet this afternoon. She is doing somewhat better, her eye is not as swollen or sore looking. But it’s still drippy. Yeah, I know, yuck. What I find interesting, is that she lets me wipe it. She doesn’t want me to just grab her head and wipe her ‘tears’ but if I hold a tissue to her head, she will rub against it, wiping it dry by herself. Is she a smart kitty or what??
Windows have been very popular this weekend. It got chilly out again, so the big door has not been open as much, but Greg repaired the screens so we can open the windows upstairs farther than a few inches. The following pictures are before the fixing, so the windows are not open fully, but I love seeing kitties sitting in windows, so I’m sharing them!
Leo likes the living room window.
Come on nighttime bugs.. I will swat you from the screen!
Star loves the bedroom window and sitting on my jewelry chest.
There is one of those uncomfortable folding chairs in front of it to aid her jump
to the top, otherwise she skids and puts scratches in the wood.
Stop looking at me, I'm trying to keep an eye on the yard..
Can anyone tell me what it is about what I think is arguably the most uncomfortable folding chairs in the world.. Star has always loved them, and not just because we would set them in the doorway so she could look out the screen before we got the new door. And Leo just goes nuts for them! He plays with the rungs and lays on them whenever one is set up. Which is most days because, as I think I’ve said before, we eat in the living room because the dining room table is my computer table.
I took these last night because I thought it was just too silly. All the pictures today are cell phone pictures.. Sorry they’re so dark..
Sitting on the comfy chair, paws on the hard one..
I will sit like this for a good long time,
mostly because mommy keeps calling me a weird kitty.
Is this the silliest kitty? Peering through the back of the folding chair.
What is that over there?
Another angle, he sat like that for quite a while.
 Is that my missing yellow feather?
Probably not.. I think I ate it..
And finally, he sprawls out on it. With a soft comfy chair right behind him.. I just don’t get that boy!
Ah, the comfort of uncomfortability..

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Leo looks terrific! And we have lots of soft blankets and kitty bed around, but ofter prefer just to lie on the carpet. It's just our way of ensuring we confound the mom. :-P