Saturday, April 30, 2011

We're Back!!

What a week to be without internet! I just saw on Daily Dose of Dogs (aka Cats With Your Coffee) that the second cat house, wonderfully dubbed Winnie’s Room, is open! I’m absolutely thrilled for her and the cat house cats, which includes Leo’s sisters! Congratulations Chrystal!!

So, no internet, no phone, no netflix.. I feel like I’ve been living in a cave since Monday! We thought it was a limb that took out the line during high winds, but when the repair man showed up today he said that squirrels had chewed through the line on the opposite side from where the branch was on the line. He left the branch so now we’re worried that we’re going to go through this again soon. I hope not! He also said that we should not have had to wait all week, with no service at all we should have been on the top of the list! I thought it was too long to wait, and they are going to hear about it..

On to the kitties! They’ve had a heck of a week too! I heard about the pheremon plug in called comfort zone on another blog before I lost the internet last weekend so I got one to see if it would help Leo and Star finally start getting along. Leo has gotten more bold, but Star is still al hissy and growly.

I was going to keep a log for the week with the new plug in, so I could post it when I finally got the internet back, but I never actually wrote anything down.. I’d like to say it was because of getting my niece (the live in) ready for her big move to Alaska this coming week, but really, I haven’t done much more than cook for her going away party which is tomorrow. So I’ll just try to give you a few highlights.

Just about three hours or so after we plugged it in Star laid down in front of my niece, turned her head upside down and looked up at her with her, "Pet me please" look. Star, as you may recall, likes only Greg really, likes me when he’s sleeping or gone, and barely tolerates anyone else, including the niece, except for her hair, which she can’t keep her paws off. So this was quite a big deal. The niece pet her for a little while, and still has both arms and all her fingers!

This, however, was our one major breakthrough.. Star and Leo are still not best friends, and she’s still all hissy and a little growly. It’s funny though, he still doesn’t care. And he’s started letting her know that he’s tired of how things are going. I have hopes that he’ll win her over, though I’m not sure some of his tactics are the best route to go down..

Take for instance the way he’s decided that she is pounce-able. At least once a day he will duck down, chin between his paws, rear wiggling, tail twitching, while he watches her walk through the room. Then he’ll jump out at her and take off , usually evading the paws of death.

The other day, she didn’t even have time to hiss! He was on the footstool that he’s claimed as his kingdom and she was walking past. She must not have noticed him because she sat down a foot or so away. Then he leaped off the footstool, landed on her, immediately sprung to the hall and laid down, blocking the way to the stairs with the best cat-that-ate-the-canary look on his face. She looked bewildered for a moment, then silently, tail between her legs, slunk quickly past him and rushed upstairs. It really was too funny!

Later I will share some of the pictures I have on the camera of the week, but for today I will share with you some pictures of my silly boy and the kitty teaser. He really loves that thing..

Please pardon the poor quality of the following cell phone pictures.. I wish he’d be so cute when I get out the camera!

My toy! nom nom

...nom nom nom.. Chewy...

Note his feet in the next two.. He’s pushing off the footstool as he plays! Just too adorable!


*Scoot scoot*... I’ll get you again!

And this one is just... too cute!!!
Look at that belly! So snugable!
And that tail! What an amazing plume of a tail he has!

My toy.. Only mine hee hee


love-from-alaska said...

As I'm sitting here reding this star is hissing at leo playing at my feet....mind you she's on the top of the couch!

The Island Cats said...

Welcome back! Our mom says she would go crazy without the innernets!!

We're sorry Leo and Star aren't good furiends. Sometimes we just can't be best furiends and as long as we don't kill each other, that's good. But as time goes on, let's hope they learn to accept each other.

ABBY said...

Give them time they will develop a way to interact...or in my case maybe not. I don't get along with any of my brothers or sisters well.